• Secret Service since 1994
  • Originally assigned to Philadelphia field office
  • Defused explosive device in motor pool, 1996
  • Transferred to White House, Third Detail, 1998
With plans on track as a career officer in the military — having served three tours of duty in the Persian Gulf (military records sealed) — Tork suddenly failed to re-up for another tour and, instead, was drafted into the Secret Service.

• Worked as a forensic profiler in Afghanistan
• Small arms marksman
• Leadership commendations
• Prior to military service, Tork was a chef, trained at the Sorbonne


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Jemimah Hijaz

  • Tactical Firearms
  • IT troubleshooting
  • Underwater Demolition
  • Diplomacy and Disinformation
After the initial 5 years of field service with the counterfeiting division of the [redacted] offices, Agent Hijaz was recruited for her technical proficiency and passion for firearms – to protect President Bush's family – specifically the first daughters. After previous Agents fell victim to their full-time partying mode, HQ felt Agents and the public needed more protection from the antics of the young charges and Hijaz would provide that shield to keep America safer.
The current administration has afforded a less mission-critical mandate for Hijaz's special brand of discipline and justice. Some would say her 'demotion' to Third Detail was a punishment for [redacted], while she prefers to frame it as a well-deserved reward for time served on the front lines.

  • ROTC while attending IUMN
  • Fast tracked for the Ijaza Program - declined with due respect
  • Enlisted as interpreter for Special Forces during early Mid-east conflicts
  • Fast tracked for both Green Beret and Delta Force assignments
  • Incident at Neshabur [records sealed]
  • Subsequent re-training with Secret Service
  • Assigned to White House, Third Detail 2005
Never let them see you sweat, [redacted]!


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Ashlyee Wafelmakr

  • Cat Lover
  • Coffee Drinker

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